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Brief introduction of ZW-1.5 / 16-24 type ammonia gas compressor The main parameters of the compressor:
Model: ZW-1.5 / 16-24 Medium: Ammonia Nominal Volume Flow: 1.5m3 / min
Inspiratory pressure: 1.6MPa G
Exhaust pressure: 2.4MPa G
Inspiratory temperature: ≤40 ℃
Exhaust temperature: ≤110 ℃
Equipped with power: YB3-250M-8, 30KW, 740r, ExdIIBT4, IP55, B3, 380V, 50Hz
Cooling method: Air-cooled Lubrication method: Pressure lubrication Dimensions: about 2000 × 1000 × 1200 (length × width × height mm)
Weight: about 1200kg
Unit description:
This unit is a vertical compressor independently developed by Bengbu United Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The compressor is Z-type, air-cooled, first-stage compression, oil-free lubrication, reciprocating piston type; there is a compressor at one end of the motor. The whole unit is arranged on the base, and the equipment is equipped with two-position four-way valve and high-efficiency gas-liquid separator. The unit has a compact structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, small vibration, safety and reliability, and high level of self-control.
This system is an integral part of the stationary compressor station. The main motor: 30KW, power supply: 380V / 220V / 50Hz. All pressure gauges are anti-vibration gauges, and the pressure gauges are dial indicators; safety valves and sewage outlets must have lead-in interfaces to allow users to access safe places.

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