Air compressor

Air compressor


An air compressor is also called an air compressor. With this, I can easily understand what the air compressor does, that is, the air is compressed, then stored, and then provided to some power equipment, such as our common car wash Spray guns for time and air-conditioning refrigeration equipment.

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So let's first briefly understand what the air compressor is used for. The air compressor is also called an air compressor. With this, it is not difficult for me to understand what the air compressor is for. That is, the air is compressed. Store and then provide some power equipment, such as our common spray guns for car washing, and air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

1. The car industry can be used for clutch boosters, seats, and brake boosters. Generally, there is a compaction machine on large trucks. He needs air to brake.

2. When we go to repair bicycles and cars, we often see that when the tires are out of air, they usually use inflated things, which are also compressors.

3. Some chemical companies also often use it, such as blowing airtight containers and conveying materials.

4. The air compressor can turn the constricted air into an air hammer for iron making.

5. National Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Labor Day, and some other serious festival malls are used as inflatable advertisements at the entrance of activities.

6. A series of power machinery such as large inflatable toys, paper cutters, excavators for children to play.

7. Some plugging equipment for sewers and drainage pipes.

8. Compressed air purification dryer, fine filter, gas-liquid separator and a series of instruments.

9. In the petroleum industry, the hydrogen is artificially heated and reacted with the oil after being pressurized, which can crack the recombined portion of the hydrocarbon into the light component of the hydrocarbon.

Machine model: VW-0.64 / 8-38 type

Compressed gas: air

Flow: 0.64m3 / min

Intake pressure: 0.8MPa

Exhaust pressure: 3.8MPa

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