Natural gas compressor

Natural gas compressor


Product classification diagram: Model: DWF-0.35 / (0.1-0.7) -83 type compressed gas: natural gas flow rate: 0.35m3 / min intake pressure: 0.01 ~ 0.07MPa exhaust pressure: 8.3MP

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Product classification chart:

Model: DWF-0.35 / (0.1-0.7) -83 compressed gas: natural gas flow rate: 0.35m3 / min
Intake pressure: 0.01 ~ 0.07MPa
Exhaust pressure: 8.3MPa

Model: DWF-15.9 / (0.4-1) -16 compressed gas: natural gas flow rate: 15.9m3 / min
Intake pressure: 0.04 ~ 0.1MPa
Exhaust pressure: 1.6MPa
Motor power: 250KW
Overall size: 5000 × 3400 × 2300mm
Weight: 12t

Machine model: DW-2.8 / (16-25) -50 compressed gas: natural gas flow rate: 2.8m3 / min
Intake pressure: 1.6 ~ 2.5MPa
Exhaust pressure: 5MPa

Machine model: DW-1.65 / (25-30) -50 compressed gas: natural gas flow rate: 1.65m3 / min
Intake pressure: 2.5 ~ 3MPa
Exhaust pressure: 5MPa

Machine model: VWF-2.2 / (10-15) -60 compressed gas: natural gas flow rate: 2.2m3 / min
Intake pressure: 1 ~ 1.5MPa
Exhaust pressure: 6MPa

Machine model: VWF-11 / (0.5-2) -14
Compressed gas: natural gas flow: 11m3 / min
Intake pressure: 0.05 ~ 0.2MPA
Exhaust pressure: 1.4MPA
Motor power: 185KW
Machine size: 3400 * 2000 * 1750mm
Weight: 3000kg

3. The natural gas compressor is mainly used for pressurized transmission of natural gas into the pipeline network. (Natural pipeline extraction, recycling of combustible gas into tanks)
It can also be used for stirring in the pharmaceutical and brewing industries, pressurized conveyance of gases in the chemical industry, blow-molded bottles in the food industry, and dust removal for machine manufacturing parts.

4. Product Features 1. This series of compressors are manufactured by introducing the product technology of Germany Mannes Mandmag Company, and are advanced piston compressor units.
2. The product has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, compact structure, stable operation, safety and reliability, and high level of automation. It can also be equipped with a digital remote display and control system according to customer requirements.
3. It has alarm shutdown functions such as low oil pressure, low water pressure, high temperature, low intake pressure and high exhaust pressure, which make the compressor operation more reliable.

5. Structure introduction The unit is composed of compressor main unit, motor, coupling, flywheel, piping system, cooling system, electrical equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

6. Lubrication method The above products are all oil-free compressed media compressors

7. Cooling method 1. Water cooling 2. Air cooling 3. Mixed cooling (selected according to actual needs)

8. The overall structure is fixed, mobile, skid-mounted, soundproof square cabin (selected according to actual needs)

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