Lubrication method and characteristics of carbon dioxide compressor


Carbon dioxide compressor lubrication methods and characteristics Lubricating in the compressor can not only reduce the interference and wear of the machine, but also play a role in sealing, cooling and reducing working noise. Good lubrication conditions are an important guarantee for the long-term reliable operation of the compressor. .
In principle, the lubrication parts of carbon dioxide compressors can be divided into two categories. One of them is internal parts that are directly touched by oil and condensed gas, such as cylinders, pistons, piston rings, piston rods, exhaust valves, sealing packing, etc .; rotary compression. Air cavity, rotor (rotating body), exhaust valve, etc. The second is the external transmission organization where the oil does not touch the condensed gas, the parts in the crankcase of the compressor, the crank pin, the crank bearing, the connecting rod slider, the slideway, the crosshead; the bearings and speed increase of rotary and speed compressors Gears, etc. Oil-free type gas compressor is to consider the impact on the external lubrication system when the gas leaks.
Generally, for large, medium capacity, multi-stage, medium and high pressure compressors with crosshead drive, the above-mentioned internal and external parts of the lubrication are independent systems separated from each other. They can use the required lubrication medium or lubricating oil. External part lubrication is a forced circulation lubrication system that supplies pressure to the oil pump. This system can not only separately dispatch and distribute the oil supply amount of each lubrication point, but also has independent oil pump, oil tank, cooler and filter, etc., which can fully cool and filter the lubricating oil, and then can maintain the oil for a long time. Clean and relatively stable oil temperature. The internal parts are lubricated with multi-head oilers to force the pressure oil into the packing seals of the cylinder and piston rod.

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