Daily maintenance and maintenance of hydrogen compressor


The daily maintenance and maintenance work of the hydrogen compressor is very important to ensure the normal operation of the hydrogen compressor. It mainly includes the following: First, the relevant operators perform a comprehensive inspection and testing before the equipment is running. This is to ensure that the hydrogen is compressed. The basic process that the machine can work normally and stably, and strive to ensure that the daily maintenance work is in place, and check that there is no loss. We must formulate detailed and comprehensive daily maintenance rules and regulations, establish and improve the supervision mechanism, and strive to improve the operator's own technology and comprehensive essence.
Precautions for screw air compressor maintenance:
1. Compressed air and electrical appliances are dangerous. Make sure that the power supply has been blocked during inspection or maintenance, and put warning signs such as "repair" or "prohibited to open the gate" at the power supply to prevent others from turning on the power and causing harm. ;
2. It is necessary to wait for the entire compressor to cool down and the safety of the compressed air in the system to be released during shutdown and maintenance. The maintenance personnel should avoid any exhaust ports in the compressor system and close the corresponding isolation valves as much as possible.
3. When cleaning the unit parts, non-corrosive solvents should be selected, and the use of flammable, explosive and volatile cleaning agents is prohibited;
4. After the compressor has been running for a period of time, the maintenance system such as the safety valve must be regularly inspected to ensure its activity and reliability, and it is generally inspected once a year;
5. The compressor's spare parts must be provided by the factory, and its screw oil must be designated by Yinkai Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., and the two brands of oil are not allowed to be mixed, otherwise it will cause a major accident in the system coking.
The effect of the smooth oil of the screw air compressor is smoothness, cooling, scouring, sealing, vibration reduction, unloading, maintenance and so on.
1. Smooth effect: improve conflict situations, reduce conflicts, prevent wear and tear, while also reducing power consumption.
2. Cooling effect: Most of the heat generated during the conflict is taken away by the smooth oil, and a small part of the heat is directly emitted through conductive radiation.
3. Scouring effect: The worn-out debris can be taken away by smooth oil, which is called scouring effect. The quality of the scouring effect has a great impact on the wear. The smooth oil formed between the conflicting surfaces is very thin. The metal debris staying on the conflicting surface will destroy the oil film, constitute dry conflict, and constitute abrasive wear.
4. Sealing effect: The sealing between the cylinder wall and the piston of the screw air compressor is the sealing effect of smooth oil.
5. Vibration reduction effect: The collision piece moves on the oil film, as if floating on the "oil pillow", and has a certain buffer effect on the vibration of the device.
6. Unloading effect: Because there is an oil film between the conflicting surfaces, the effect of the load on the conflicting surface is evenly spread through the oil film on the conflicting surface. This effect of the oil film is called the unloading effect.
7. Maintenance effect: The screw air compressor can be anticorrosive and dustproof, and has a maintenance effect.

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