When can overhaul and overhaul of ammonia compressor be carried out?


Ammonia compressors require maintenance operations in normal times. I believe we have achieved this in normal times. During the maintenance of the ammonia compressor, we sometimes find some problems, and at this time we need to repair them. Because the degree of repair is different, we divide the repair of ammonia compressors into minor repairs, medium repairs, and overhauls. This is based on the actual situation.
Ammonia compressor minor repairs 1.Cleaning and grinding gas cutting, replacing cutting blades or springs, etc .;
2.Check scraping and adjust the bearing bush of each part;
3.Check and tighten the screws of the cross head, connecting rod, balance iron, etc.
4.Clean filters, valves and piping systems;
5.Repair seal packing;
6.Check the cleaning and lubrication system;
7.Clean water jacket and cooler;
8. Check the safety valve and pressure gauge.
Intermediate repair of ammonia gas compressor is generally run once every 3000-6000 hours. In addition to doing all the minor repairs, the middle repair also needs to dismantle, repair and replace some parts, such as dismantling the cylinder head, replacing the piston ring, and checking the wear of the cylinder. Open and inspect the combined gaps of the crankshaft, connecting rod and crosshead, replace the inlet and exhaust cutting doors, the bearings of each part and even damaged parts, so that the machine resumes normal operation.
Ammonia compressor overhaul Ammonia compressor overhaul is generally performed once after 12,000-26,000 hours of operation. In addition to the overhaul to complete the intermediate repairs, the machine is generally disassembled and replaced with some parts, and sometimes the cylinder (or cylinder) is bored, the piston is replaced, the fuselage and the base are repaired, and the bearing and Changing the crankshaft (or chrome plating, spraying and grinding), etc. Many parts may be replaced during overhaul.
The minor repair, middle repair, and overhaul of the ammonia compressor are like this, and we can organize the repair work reasonably according to the time we use.

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