The difference between biogas compressors and other compressors


Bengbu United Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is a high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province. The company is located in Huaiyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, with an advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities. Since its establishment, the company has provided reliable compressor professional solutions and high-quality and convenient after-sales service for enterprise customers in the country and surrounding areas.
Biogas compressors are compressors specifically designed for biogas. It can improve the phenomenon of insufficient biogas pressure, make biogas incineration more abundant, and have more firepower. Because of the negative pressure effect of the pump, the biogas digester produces more abundant gas, which is widely used in various biogas digesters and long-distance transportation of biogas.
Difference from other compressors:
1. Good air-tightness: Strict air-tightness testing is performed from the air inlet to the air outlet, no air leakage, no leakage under 6.8KPa pressure.
2. Acid and alkali resistance: The passages from the air inlet to the air outlet are acid or alkali resistant plastic or rubber parts, which can pass through the weakly corrosive gas rich in moisture.
3. Long life: The gas circuit and the circuit are strictly separated, and the electrical life will not be affected because the gas is rich in water.
4. Structure is simple; there is no external pipeline between two symmetrical air chambers.
5. Good repairability: You can repair by yourself with simple things and accessories.
Operating principle:
The compressor is driven by the low-pressure gas of the large-area piston, and high-pressure gas is generated on the small-area piston. It can be used for compressed air and other gases, and the output air pressure can be adjusted steplessly by driving air pressure. Gas pipeline booster pumps have single effect pumps and double effect pumps. The double-effect pump piston compresses the gas in both strokes. When the driving gas effect is on the gas piston, the working piston is driven with the gas to obtain a larger output flow.

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