Do you know the introduction of liquefied gas compressors?


Liquefied gas compressors are mainly used to transport and pressurize gas that is similar to liquefied liquefied gas or similar in nature. Therefore, this type of compressor is the key equipment for liquefied gas stations, LPG gas filling stations, and mixed gas stations. Ambitious equipment for recycling gas.
The liquefied gas compressor can achieve the following operations:
1. Loading and unloading of liquefied gas tanker, fire tanker and tanker;
2. Bottling and pouring of liquefied gas or gas with similar properties;
3. Recovery of liquefied gas residual gas or residual liquid;
4. Special compressors for the production of chemical products. The compression media can be divided into: liquid ammonia, formaldehyde, propylene, propane, butadiene, vinyl chloride, and methane.
Structure overview The cylinders of liquefied gas compressors produced by good liquefied gas compressor manufacturers should be oil-free and smooth, because this guarantees the purity of the medium during their operation. The crankshaft, connecting rod, and crosshead parts are splashed and smooth to ensure the reliability of movement.
Liquefied gas compressors can be divided into vertical, single-effect, air-cooled, oil-free and smooth, reciprocating piston-type structure, high-efficiency filter, gas separator, two-position four-way valve, piping system, flameproof motor, etc. to protect The system is composed of shut-off valves, floats, safety valves, etc. It has its own perfect system. Users do not need to be equipped with subordinate equipment such as gas-liquid separators and surge tanks, and can simplify the configuration of pipeline valves. It has the characteristics of stable work, compact structure, large displacement, convenient operation, safety and reliability, less investment, and quick results.
By turning the two-position four-way valve handle of the compressor, the unloading condition can be easily changed to the residual gas recovery condition, and the operation is very convenient.

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